The Author of Sherlock Holmes was also a renowned Ghost Hunter, as tenacious as his creation in searching out the truth about ghosts,poltergeists and things that go bump in the night!

What will our hero find in the gloomy, and with any luck, foggy Halloween streets of Southampton? The bloody be-spattered Ruth Dill, the demented Cess Pit baby’s mother, the swinging corpse of the mob-cap maid?

Or will it be the dismembered limbs of John Tiptoft’s victims reunited to tell a tale of torture, or the maggot ridden corpse of Ellen Wren searching for her tormentor, or the slippery entrails of a dissected traitor?

All we can promise is blood, guts and demented laughter!

All Tickets £5 available online at or direct from the Fan Club email: or phone 023 8086 2882.

The walks depart from Holy Rood Church, High Street, Southampton on 30th & 31st October at 7pm 7 9pm

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