Biggles & Co.

A hundred years ago a pioneer aviator called Eric Moon climbed into a small monoplane that looked more like a kite on skies than a ground breaking piece of aeronautical design but the short flight he made in a field in North Stoneham made history. Moon is credited with making the first flight at what is now known as Southampton International Airport!

Moon was a hero of the first world war as well as an early flyer, building his experimental aircraft in what is now Southampton’s maritime museum. His story along with that of other early aviation enthusiasts will be brought to life by the Sarah Siddons Fan Club theatre company this May. Using oral history testimony, original sources and other research material the company have recreated the excitement that abounded when man first took to the air. In the usual fashion of SSFC productions all the characters are based on real people and real incidents all connected with Southampton.

“There were almost too many stories that could be told” says writer/director Cheryl Butler, “So we have tried to highlight the more usual or less well known.”This will include early parachutists, the playwright Terence Rattigan and the inspiration for the fictional hero ‘ Biggles’.

Set amongst the historic aircraft in the Solent Sky Museum collection the audience will have a chance to see some of those planes at first hand as well as enjoy them as a backdrop to the performance.

Performance Information: The performances will be on 25th, 26th, and 27th of May at 7.30pm, at Solent Sky Museum, Albert Rd, Southampton.

The Fan Club acknowledge the support of Ready Steady Store, Eastleigh

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